The living Cosmos

It looks like biology, but it is cosmology. It looks like some sort of fungus or lichen, but it is a simulation of the era of reionization around 13 billion years ago, when the Universe was still only a few hundred million years old. The very first stars and galaxies heated up the dense hydrogen that was everywhere, creating small, hot bubbles that would grow  together and leave little islands of neutral hydrogen, which would eventually become galaxies like our own Milky Way.


Soft bliss

Cannot remember that LaTeX math symbol?

Well, Detexify² is your saviour.
Just came across this litte gem of a web-based app as I was working on
my Master thesis. The concept is simplt: if you can draw it, you can
find it! The site shows a little window in which you can draw that symbol that
you really don’t use *that* often, but is still too rare to be found in
standard lates symbol lists. The patern recognition engine does a very
nice job coming up with a short list of the symbols best resembling your
scratchings, along with their \LaTeX commands. Aaaaand you’re flying!