International Negro Day

March 8th - "Women Appreciation Day"? No thanks...

March 8th – founded as the International Day of Women’s Struggle for equality and suffrage, has in many countries become an international women’s day, celebrating “womanhood” and showing society’s appreciation of women. In some countries, it has even degenerated to a “national day of beauty and motherhood”.

Now, in a couple of weeks, the considerably less known International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed, on March 21st. Imagine that day turned into an “International Negros’ Day”, celebrating “blackness”. Shops advertising negro-stuff, maybe little thank-you-for-being-such-a-fine-negro cards for the negro at the office. Sentimental speeches commemorating the Negro population’s great achievements and contributions to society.

Imagine this in some countries taken the step further, turned into a National Day of Hard Work and Jazz Music.

This is exactly why we cannot quietly let March 8th turn into an International Women’s Day or Day of Beauty and Motherhood.

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