Humbler than thou!

The guys over at Cosmic Variance always have something interesting to present. This time, Sean has  for some obscure reason been surfing on the Passion For Christ Movement website. What he did there I do not know, but what he found there was golden – in its oewn sad, pathetic way. Passion For Christ Movement proudly presents: the Look-Ma-I-Quit-Masturbating collection!

You lived a life of sin and pride and vanity, you found Jesus and you overcame it. Why stop there? What would be more natural than loudly advertising your new-won humility with a snazzy t-shirt?

Say it loud: Im humble and Im proud!

Say it loud: I'm humble and I'm proud!

When you graduate from High School, you proudly show it by wearing funny hats and stuff. When you – seemingly at a young age – have graduated from the Tough But Loving School Of The Lord, why not show it off in a street-wise fashion? Nothing says “now officially flawless” like this:

I gave self-deception up for lent!

I gave up self-deceit for lent!

A bold statement indeed. My primary conundrum right now is — should I go for ex-rebel or ex-atheist? Tough one. But I can say for sure that this one is not likely any time soon.

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