Another day of shame for Denmark

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Today, Mirzad Zairi is forcefully expelled to Serbia. Mirzad  has a wife,  mentally ill from war trauma and the stay in the danish refugee camps, and two kids. They all stay in Denmark.

Mirzad is an Albanian from Kosova, who was arrested by the Serbian police, suspected of being a member of the Albanian nationalist rebel movement UCK. He was tortured but later released, as he could not give any information about the UCK. Not wanting to fight against Albanians in the Serbian army, he fled to Denmark, where he met his wife in a refugee camp. Today they have two kids, both born in Denmark. His wife, also an Albanian refugee, got a permanent residency in Denmark. The expelling leaves a broken family; a single, mentally ill mother of two kids born here, that are to have their father torn away from them.

The case has had quite a lot of attention and sympathy, even from the media that would not normally care much about this kind of cases. It is an easy one; the father is not a criminal, and never caused any harm to his society. All he wants to do is stay and support his family, who are now dependent on welfare. Maybe this is the reason for the extra attention – besides being a human tragedy, it is economically downright stupid. We’re a nation of merchants, and this is not meant in any positive sense.

The case exposes the danish stance on foreigners in stark and unpleasant light. Keeping them out is important enough to act against all huamainty and common sense.

Besides this, our a large number of our ministers have been in conflict with the law. our prime minister lied to the parlament in an earlier stage of his political career. They lied to the nation to get involved in the Iraq war. All our media do is discuss how “trustworthy” they appear, and analyze the strategic games of Danish politics as were they a game of chess.

A great thanks is due to those who helped Mirzad stay underground, because he didn’t want to leave his family. breaking the law is the only right thing to do, when the law is so inhuman and its representatives so dishonest and deceitful. Especially since our government seems to have a very relaxed view on our laws when it suits them. Loyalty your country always; loyalty to your government when it deserves it. (Unfortunately, all sources are in danish).

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